Monday, June 20, 2011


If you've read this post, you're familiar with my battle with Websense. Here's an update on the whole fiasco:

I emailed Websense and explained my situation to them. They got back to me a few days later and told me that they'd be reclassifying my site from adu1t c0ntent to "swimsuit/lingerie." OK, not great, but better than being labeled a pr0nographer, I guess. Well, a week later, the network at the office still blocks my site as A.C. On top of that, I ran across two sites that were also erroneously smeared with this label by Websense: sci-fi author JL Bryan's blog, and crime fiction author Paul Bishop's blog. If you click either one of those links, I promise you, you'll fund no pr0n. Websense strikes again. Both blogs are hosted on Blogger. I can only conclude that there's something seriously wrong with Websense's software. It makes me wonder how many other sites are being blocked for no reason.

My solution to this whole situation is to switch hosts. I've been advised on a number of occasions that I ought to consider using Wordpress. I never really gave it much thought, as I'd always been relatively happy with Blogger. But things being what they are, I guess I don't have a choice. I suppose I could switch to another Blogger address, but Websense seems to have an issue with Blogger, so I'll give Wordpress a try.

Last week, I grabbed a Wordpress address. I've spent the last few days transferring things over. You can find my new blog at I'll keep this site up for the time being, but my archives have been moved to the new site. Note that comments at the new site will be moderated for first-time posters. I'm not really happy about that, but I really want to keep out the spammers, so it'll have to do until I figure Wordpress out.


le0pard13 said...

Sorry to hear about the Websense nonsense. But, I'm glad you've switched to Wordpress. I've been very happy since I've moved over from Blogger to WP. It has a superior commentary system, IMO. As well, it's writing and publishing tools are very good. I'll be heading over and subscribing to your new site, shortly. Best, John.

Wilson said...

Sorry to hear about all your troubles, I will change my link. I certainly never thought of “pornography” when I read your blog (which is one of my favorites). Maybe you’ll like your new home better.

John D. said...

Thanks. I'm still figuring out Wordpress. Ultimately, it may turn out to be the better system, but for the moment, I'm finding it a bit complicated.

Thanks. I'm perplexed by the whole thing. There has to be some glitch in the Websense software. Hopefully, switching hosts will solve the [problem once and for all.

Bob G. said...

John D.:
I know I've had my share of software problems with BLOOGER ("They you don't have to") and nothing ever seems to get resolved back to the way it USED to run (without issues).

I had a post back in Nov 2009 that I received a "warning" about.

I re-re-re-read the post (and blogged about it later one), and found NOT ONE THING that was worth a warning (no "pron" anywhere, that's for sure) and no insurrective commentary, or libelous slander.

What I DID mention was a "what if" sceenario that was portrayed in the movie SEVEN DAYS IN MAY, where the military sought a takeover of the US gov't...(good flick, btw).

Somehow, THAT made someone feel "bothered" at BLOGGER.
I shot them a "nasty-gram" telling them to take off the blinders and actually READ the damn(and ENTIRE) post.

Haven't heard back since, but I'll bet good money I'm on someone's "watchlist" now...(shades of MaCarthyism, hmm?)

Still, I'll earmark your NEW site on MY blog, so everyone knows.

Hang in there, Boss.
It might not be the BEST life possible, but it's the ONLY one we all have at the moment.

Roll safe out there.

John D. said...

Thanks, Bob. Today I ran into a few more Blogger sites that were banned by Websense. The number appears to be growing. I'll look for you at the new blog.