Wednesday, November 30, 2005


Actually you can. But if you don't want to, my short story, titled You Can't Miss It, is up at Jake Magazine. Now I guess I'd better get to work and finish my next short story. No time to rest on my laurels. Especially when I don't have much in the way of laurels to rest on.


Wanna know how the other sex experiences pleasure? Click here to find out.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005


There's nothing like the last few hours of a work day just before a holiday weekend. The only thing slower than the work rate is the clock. I'm killing the last hours listening to a CD by Albert Cummings. He's a guitar player that does some bluesy kinda stuff. Good tunes. One of my coworkers went to see him play at Revolution Hall in Troy, NY. Cummings was backed by the late Stevie Ray Vaughan's band, Double Trouble. My friend said it was a great show.

Oh well, this time tomorrow I'll be eating turkey and all the trimmings with the family. With any luck, we'll be going to the new Harry Potter movie after dinner. What with the holiday and the snow they're predicting for tomorrow night, I'm hoping that the theater won't be too crowded.

At any rate, have a happy Thanksgiving. Enjoy the day, and be careful if you're traveling. Buncha maniacs out there on the roads this time of year.

Thursday, November 17, 2005


The NY State Police were makin' some serious radar love today (apologies to Golden Earring). Between exit 20 and exit 7 of the Northway (I-87), I saw at least a dozen troop cars shooting radar by the roadside this afternoon. Not to mention the NYSP Camaro that practically ran me off the road. And no, his lights and sirens weren't going. I guess the troopers want to hit their monthly quota before the upcoming holiday.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005


I was recently informed that my short story, "You Can't Miss It", has been selected for publication in the December 1st edition of Jake Magazine. The story is about four guys who are long on larcenous intent, and short on loyalty. It will be my first time being published anywhere, and I'm pretty pumped up about it.

Now that I've cleared that hurdle, I need to get my ass in gear and finish the story I'm currently working on.

Sunday, November 13, 2005


After a brief hiatus, and some military training at an undisclosed location (I'd tell you about it, but then I'd have to kill you) I'm back to blogging. And not a moment too soon. I had always suspected that, deep down, I was a B-movie action hero. Now thanks to this quiz, I now know which B-movie badass I am.

You're Seth Gecko, you bastard.
Fun at the Titty Twister.

Which B-Movie Badass Are You?
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If you don't know who Seth Gecko is, get thee to a video store and rent From Dusk Till Dawn. ASAP. C'mon, get going. Great movie. Best crime/vampire/road flick ever.

Hat tip to Gerald "Jack Burton" So.

Thursday, November 03, 2005


Crime dramas, that is. I heard about this on CNN this morning.
LOS ANGELES (Hollywood Reporter) - NBC Universal is booking a new crime-themed cable channel with Time Warner Cable, the company said Wednesday.

Sleuth is launching January 1 in 5 million homes with a full docket of series and movies from the Universal library acquired in the company's 2004 merger, including "Miami Vice," "The A-Team" and "Scarface." Rumors had been swirling since the merger that NBC Universal was developing a channel in the crime or horror genres.

"We have one of the best crime and mystery movie and TV libraries," NBC Universal Cable president David Zaslav said. "We have great content at a low cost to us."

You can read the rest of the Reuters story here.

Apparently, the Law & Order shows are not included in the deal. I guess that they're already committed to other networks in a lucrative syndication deal. This doesn't disappoint me at all. L&O has been saturating air time on several cable networks for a while now. While I was a fan of the original show, I've gotten sick of the franchise.

At any rate, I'll be anxious to see what shows they resurrect for the new network. Another great excuse to not do my homework.